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The All New Color Of STEM

Geoffrey Streat and Favorise Nerrisse,

The Color of STEM takes us inside two powerful organizations that are focused on the future of STEM with interviews from the leaders of the National Society of Black Engineers and Usher’s New Look Foundation. Covering the bright, talented and brilliant …it’s the Color of STEM.

The Color of STEM takes a look at the future with two motivated leaders who have prioritized the mission of cultivating young STEM talent around the world. Geoffrey Streat, CEO of Usher’s New Look Foundation takes us inside the organization founded 22 years ago by mega entertainer, Usher Raymond.

The National Society of Black Engineers, National Chair, Favor Nerrisee, is also featured in this episode. The 22 year old is hyper focused on the organization’s goal of having graduated 10,000 black engineers by the year 2025. Favour is a gifted, electrical engineering Ph.D student at Stanford University and poised for the challenge. The Color of STEM presents these powerful leaders from both Usher’s New Look Foundation and the National Society of Black Engineers, diligently working to develop youth leaders through talent, career exploration and education preparation.


Favour Nerrisee

Geoffrey Streat

Janeen Uzzell


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    Dr. Tina Brower
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The Color Of STEM...
TV Show and Movement.

We will showcase the accomplishments that minorities have made and continue to make in the STEM (science, engineering, technology, math) fields




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