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Dr. Beverly L. Wright & Dr.Tina Louise Brower-Thomas

Dr. Beverly L. Wright & Dr.Tina Louise Brower-Thomas


The Color of Stem travels to New Orleans to attend the 8th annual HBCU Climate Change Conference - a collaboration between Texas Southern University and the Deep South Center for Environmental Justice. HBCU faculty, students and researchers use the conference to collaborate on the realities of climate change. We sat down with Dr. Beverly L. Wright, Founder and Executive Director of the Deep South Center for Environmental Justice to discuss their program of partnership with communities harmed by racially disproportionate pollution burdens and attendant climate vulnerabilities to build awareness and advocacy programs that can make a difference.

Next the Color of Stem speaks with Dr.Tina Louise Brower-Thomas - at Howard, Dr. Brower-Thomas pursues research in molecular self-assembly, surface functionalization, chemical vapor deposition, and chemical intercalation of 2D materials. In addition to being research faculty in the graduate school at Howard University, she holds a visiting faculty appointment at Harvard University. Dr. Brower-Thomas is the Diversity and Inclusion co-director for the newly NSF funded Center for Quantum Networks.



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