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The Color Of STEM | TV Series

The Color of "STEM" Series | Hosted By Allison Seymour

Allison Seymour, Washington DC’s Award Winning Morning News Anchor hosts The Color of STEM series. The series is an informative magazine formatted profile series featuring STEM personalities and STEM careers. The Color of STEM will also showcase those organizations and government agencies that support and encourage our nation’s youth in science and engineering careers.

The Color of STEM Feature Segments … Just To Name A Few

Dr. Frederic Bertley, Senior Vice President of Science and Education at the renowned Franklin Institute in Philadelphia. He also founded and directs the Color of Science™ program, which highlights the fantastic contributions of women and persons of color in modern day science and engineering.

Dr. Christopher Emdin, Associate Director of the Institute for Urban Science Education at Teachers College Columbia University , teaching Hip Hop Science and currently serving as Minorities in Energy Ambassador for the U.S. Department of Energy and the STEM Ambassador for the Department
of State