Carnegie Mellon University 50 Year Anniversary

Carnegie Mellon University 50 Year Anniversary | Upcoming feature on" The Color of STEM TV" series.  

By the 1960s, Andrew Mellon’s son, Paul, secretly proposed a merger between the two institutions. While the administrators of both Carnegie Tech and the Mellon Institute realized that each had strengths that would increase if they merged, few could have predicted how fast the new institution would transform into a global powerhouse. And so, in 1967, these two legends' visions merged to become Carnegie Mellon University, forever impacting the world of higher education, research and discovery.

This year, we honor the foundation that made us who we are today. We pay tribute to the innovations and innovators who have transformed education, our society and our world. We empower our students, alumni, faculty and staff, whose ingenuity will impact our daily lives in ways we cannot yet imagine.

 We're celebrating our past by looking into the future — together.

Carnegie Mellon has long been a leader at the intersection of technology, arts and humanity; inspired by one to better the others; harnessing the power of our differences to make a profound impact on our society.

 With these extraordinary interactive demonstration and exhibit engaged minds and inspired souls with innovations from the last 50 years (and looking forward to the next 50) that have changed the world as we know it.